• Town Of Pinedale

2022 Fremont Lake Watershed Fencing Project - Request for Quotes

The Fremont Lake Watershed Sylvan Bay Fencing Project generally consists of the construction of 1,500 linear feet of standard 3-wire wildlife friendly fencing in the Fremont Lake Watershed in Sublette County, Wyoming.

The project extends the existing grazing allotment fence above Sylvan Bay within the watershed to a termination point that further reduces cattle entrance into the area. The quote shall include all work to complete the fence including all materials, mobilization, labor and all appurtenances necessary to complete the project. A wire gate shall be installed in one of the two saddles (to be coordinated with the Town) as part of the project.

Contractors are advised to the remoteness of the site and difficult access. It is the responsibility of the contractor to abide by all USFS requirements for access and minimize disturbances to the area.

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