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Pinedale Mobility Project

The Town of Pinedale is assessing mobility needs and identifying actionable near-term and long-term solutions for enhancing safety, accessibility, connectivity, resiliency, and livability in our community with the development of a Transportation Master Plan and Pedestrian Safety Plan.

Like many other communities in Wyoming, Pinedale is presented with a challenge with a state highway navigating through the main street of the Town. It is challenging to both serve the needs of the highway system (efficiently move goods and people) while also serving the needs of a downtown community (i.e., walkability, visually appealing, multiple busy intersections, and helping the local economy healthily grow). Additionally, continued community growth and changing traffic conditions, caused by changing economic conditions within the community, warrant an analysis of the current transportation system and its ability to meet the needs of the community both now and in the future.


  • The goal of this study is to obtain current traffic data on the existing network and utilize a data-driven approach to understanding current conditions, traffic growth projections, and to forecast future traffic conditions in the community.

  • The purpose of the study is to develop transportation alternatives and recommendations for transportation improvements to improve mobility, connectivity, safety, and accessibility throughout the community and provide an actionable plan for the community on which to base future transportation decisions. 

2024 Pine Street Bulb-out Demonstration Project


Project Purpose:  The Town of Pinedale is conducting a demonstration project to assess the impacts of bulb-outs on intersections along Pine Street including Fremont, Maybell and Tyler Avenues.  With this demonstration project, we are reviewing the existing conditions and how they may change with the temporary bulb-outs on street corners.  Rather than constructing the bulb-outs with concrete, we are using paint and temporary delineators.  The design of the bulb-outs and no parking areas are based on the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) highway and street design policies.

Project Duration:  Depending on weather later in the year, the Town intends to have the bulb-outs in place from June through October 2024. 

What is sight distance?  As many motorists experience when turning onto Pine Street, sight distance is a safety issue at many Pine Street intersection approaches.  Intersection sight distance is typically defined as the distance a motorist can see approaching vehicles before their line of sight is blocked by an obstruction near the intersection.  The driver of a vehicle approaching or departing from a stopped position at an intersection should have an unobstructed view of the intersection, including any traffic control devices, and sufficient lengths along the intersection roadway to permit the driver to anticipate and avoid potential collisions.

Obstruction examples include trees, parked vehicles, utility poles, or buildings (FHWA, 2011). Sight distance also impacts pedestrians crossing the street; a common obstruction for pedestrians is parked vehicles, which may force pedestrians to walk onto the pavement to check for oncoming vehicles if permitted too close to a crosswalk. By prohibiting parking and implementing bulb-outs near intersections, sight distance can be improved for both drivers and pedestrians.

What are bulb-outs?  Bulb-outs are sidewalk extensions that project into the roadway or parking area, reducing the crossing distance for pedestrians while providing a better view of oncoming traffic and allowing vehicles to better see pedestrians. Bulb-outs can also slow down traffic and provide additional space for landscaping, downtown beautification, and/or public art.

Your feedback is important!  Please provide your feedback on the comment map or idea wall regarding your experience with the demonstration project as a motorist, bicyclist, pedestrian, downtown visitor, business owner, etc.!

Engage with the Planning Process!

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Contact Us

Hayley Ruland - Project Manager


Project Objectives:

Objective Number 1:

Study and understand existing and forecasted traffic conditions primarily along US 191 through Pinedale, Wyoming, and the ability of the highway system to serve the transportation needs of the community and the highway system. Include evaluation and assessment of capacity, roadway safety, pedestrian safety, traffic control, geographic design, geographic barriers, ROW limitations, etc., of US 191.


Objective Number 2:

Evaluate community connectivity and evaluate connectivity needs for a robust long-term transportation plan for the community. The plan should include the development of functional classifications and a community connectivity plan.


Objective Number 3:

Inventory and develop an asset management program for the local roadway system utilizing GIS or web-based software. The final program will evaluate, assess, and document existing roadway conditions preferred treatment alternatives with expected costs, and a systematic approach for the Town to better manage maintenance funds for pavement management.

Project Oversight

The Pinedale Transportation Master Plan is being led by and funded by the Town of Pinedale. A portion of the project is being funded by a Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) planning grant. The Town of Pinedale believes that transportation improvements in and around Pinedale have a far-reaching impact on other aspects of our community and have asked other local government agencies to aid in the development of the Transportation Master Plan. The Transportation Improvement Study will be developed under the supervision of a steering committee. The committee is chaired by the Town of Pinedale and includes representatives from the following organizations:   

  • Sublette County Road and Bridge

  • Sublette County Sheriff

  • WYDOT Resident Engineer

  • WYDOT District Traffic Engineer

  • Sublette County Emergency Management

  • Sublette County Hospital District

  • Sublette County School District No. 1

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