Pinedale Travel & Tourism Commission

The Pinedale Travel and Tourism Commission (PTTC) promotes travel and tourism in beautiful Pinedale, Wyoming. PTTC invests revenue from a lodging tax (4%) approved by Pinedale voters in May, 2016.

Tourism plays an important role in Pinedale’s economy and has for over 100 years. Visitors enjoy the many opportunities that Pinedale has to offer, including the Museum of the Mountain Man, Fremont Lake, the Bridger Teton Wilderness, and the Wind River Mountains. To learn more about Pinedale as a destination, visit PTTC’s website.



Meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 12 p.m.  Please contact a Commission Member or for the meeting location.


Anna Fabelina

Travel & Tourism Ambassador


Phone: 307-367-4136

Travel & Tourism Commission Members

Laura Hattan, Vice Chairman

Appointment Ends June 30, 2024

Chauncey Goodrich, Member
Appointment Ends June 30, 2025
Jim Hamilton, Member
Appointment Ends June 30, 2023
Scott Kosiba, Member
Appointment Ends June 30, 2024
Tyler Swafford, Town Council Representative
Anna Fabelina, PTTC Ambassador


The Commission accepts letters of interest from persons wishing to serve on the PTTC. Interested persons must be a resident or actively engaged in business – as an owner or employer – in Town.

A letter of interest can be sent to