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SCSD 1 and Town Water Testing Partnership

September 26, 2017

Sublette County School District 1 and the Town of Pinedale are working jointly to test lead levels at SCSD 1 schools during the Town’s transition from a sodium silicate to a soda ash water treatment protocol. The testing program includes the SCSD 1 schools and areas that demonstrated lead levels above acceptable ranges last year, and includes the BEEP program in the BOCES wing. The testing plan includes testing by the Town in collaboration with the EPA, and testing by an independent lab contracted by SCSD 1. The goal of the testing plan is to closely monitor the water quality at SCSD 1 building throughout the transition period. SCSD 1 and the Town will independently release weekly testing results to the public throughout the process. You can find more information regarding the Town of Pinedale’s corrosion control treatment change here.

Upcoming Changes to Water Treatment

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