• Town Of Pinedale

Planning & Zoning Commission Public Hearing

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

The Planning & Zoning Commission will be holding their next meeting on Monday, November 2, 2020 at 5:30 p.m. in the Lovatt Room of the Sublette County Library in Pinedale.

Agenda: https://ecode360.com/documents/PI2813/public/570371575.pdf

The purpose of the public hearing is to discuss a zoning variance application for the Yellowstone Trail RV Park at 1500 Wilson Street, Pinedale and proposed changes to Chapter 475 Zoning Article XL Wireless Towers and Antennas of the Town Code.

Variance Request: https://ecode360.com/documents/PI2813/public/567652026.pdf

Proposed Changes to Chapter 475 Article XL Wireless Tower and Antennas: