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Airport Newsletter #7

TO: All Airport Tenants, Users, and Interested Parties

Subject: Airport Newsletter #7

From: Grover Laseke, Airport Manager


Below is updated information on Pinedale Airport projects.

• Pavement sealing and remarking has been completed. The contractor will be out again in September to put another coat of paint on the markings. Thank you to all for your patience during this project.

• The runway closure has been changed one more time (and hopefully the last). The new closure dates are from Monday August 9th at 07:00 AM to Saturday September 4th at 07:00. I believe this will be the last change on this project. During the shutdown the runway will be milled down to a set level, then repaved and markings painted on the new surface. Sometime later in September the runway grooving will take place and another coat of paint on the markings. The grooving will take place at night so that the runway can remain open during the day. Painting will close the runway for shorter periods of time.

• The Charlie taxiway is being used for the apron construction project. Equipment is crossing the taxiway between the hangars and Taxiway Alpha to move dirt. Dirt and a little gravel is being deposited on the pavement but we have a broom standing by. If you need to use Charlie, please let me know at least an hour beforehand so that it can be broomed off.

• For those who wish to receive email updates on airport projects and information send a request to

Watch for changes and updates at the Town of Pinedale website:

Should you have any questions, or need additional information, please feel free to contact me at (307) 360-9025 or by email at


Grover B. Laseke, Airport Manager

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