• Town Of Pinedale

2021-2022 Town of Pinedale Snow Removal Policy

General Notes

  • Pine Street will be plowed when snow reaches 1" deep.

  • Other streets will be plowed when snow reaches 2-3" deep (see priority list below).

  • All intersections in Town shall be sanded on the braking or deceleration side after each storm or when the intersections are slick.

  • Sanding on Pine Street and the intersections onto Pine Street will have priority; after the heavily traveled streets have been sanded and plowed, all other intersections in Town will be sanded.

  • The snow pile in the center of Pine Street shall be removed when it reaches a height of approximately 2 1/2 feet.

  • Removed snow will be transported to an approved disposal area.

Disposal Areas

  • Former Town Hall and Shop lots, right-of-way on Mill Street, right-of-way on South Bridger, parking lots on North Maybell and North Madison, and South Jackson Park.

Plowing Priority List

  1. Pine Street, Fremont Lake Road to the medical clinic, clear intersections in berm on Pine Street, including the turn into Sublette County Jail.

  2. Hennick, Tyler, Fremont, Bridger, Lincoln, Madison, Jackson, Entertainment Lane, Country Club and Bloomfield.

  3. All four quadrants; northeast, southeast, northwest, southwest.

  4. Plow Wilson Street out to Dudley Key Sports Complex and plow parking areas; north parking lot to the rock retaining area and south parking lot to center parking lot.

  5. Plow sidewalks next to Town properties, including Town parks and pathways, Town facilities and the old Town Hall lot. Plow bike path from the west chemical feed to the cemetery.

  6. Alleyways and Town parking areas.

  7. Scrape ice and remove berm from Pine Street when it reaches a height of 2 1/2 feet.

  8. Clean out snow from around fire hydrants.

  9. Remove snow piles that are obstructing visibility and snow storage.

  10. Smooth rough roadways with the grader as necessary.

  11. Scrape slush as necessary.