Public Works

The Town of Pinedale Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining and repairing Town streets, our parks and ball fields, Town equipment maintenance and upkeep of all of the Town’s buildings and public restroom facilities.

Call Before You Dig, 800-849-2476 or 811, to locate underground utilities to your property.

Excavation in the right of way is not permitted from November 1st to April 15th each year.

Street light outages may be reported to the Town of Pinedale or you can report a street light outage on the Rocky Mountain Power website.

Abram Pearce

Director of Public Works

Kevin Mitchell
Public Works Supervisor

Emily Leniger
Parks & Recreation Manager

Phone: 307-367-4136





The Town provides streets and safe transportation for Pinedale residents and visitors.

  • Street maintenance, such as pot hole repairs

  • Road cleaning

  • Snow removal

  • Signage

  • Traffic control and detours during events

Public Works requests residents not to park vehicles on the town right of way during winter months, as that space is used for snow storage and vehicles parked on the street slow the plowing process after a storm.

Please contact us to report any street damage.

Streetlight outages may be reported to the Town of Pinedale or you can report a street light outage on the Rocky Mountain Power website.

Stone Road


The Town has several beautiful parks for all to enjoy:

  • American Legion Park

  • Boyd Skinner Park

  • Burzlander Park

  • Split Diamond Park

  • Trails Creek Park

  • Ball Fields

The Parks and Rec department keeps up these parks with full maintenance during the summer.  We hope you are able to enjoy the parks. Please help us by cleaning up after yourself and your pets!

If you want to reserve the park for an event, please complete the park reservation form:

To reserve the ball fields

contact the town at 



Parks FAQ


Do you allow camping in parks?

Overnight camping is allowed only at the Jackson Avenue Park, in a private campground called the Pinedale Campground.

Can we barbeque in the park?


Yes, but you do need to use the barbecues provided by the Town.

Are dogs allowed in the parks?


Yes, but they must be leashed or under the control of a person. Also, please use the doggy pots the Town provides.

How much does it cost to use the Town playing fields?


We only charge $1 per user per event. If the event is a league it is only $1 for entire slate of league games.

Do I have to reserve a space in the parks if I want to host a function?


If you want to reserve the American Legion Park, or any other Town park, please complete the park reservation form and take it to Town Hall. All parks are open for use but are on a first-come-first-served basis, unless reserved.

How many acres of park land is owned by the Town?


The Town owns and maintains over 100 acres of park lands. Most of that acreage is in Boyd Skinner Park but there are a number of other smaller parks (5) as well. We hope that you enjoy them!

Does the Town pay for the water it uses?


Yes, there are meters in every park and at each of the Town's buildings.  The Town pays for the water it uses in the parks, buildings and along the right-of-way strips.