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Winter Parking and Bleeding Lines

November 3, 2017

The Town would like to remind everyone of the Street Parking Ordinance §440 that was passed in February of this year.  The ordinance allows for RV, trailer or bus parking on the streets for more than 48 hours from May 1 through November 15.  During the period of November 16 through April 30, street parking of RVs, trailers or buses is only allowable for 48 hours.  This restrictive parking will allow for snow removal from streets and right-of-ways within Town.  Once the snow is here, please avoid pushing snow into the driving lanes, this is prohibit by Town Code in Ordinance §395-7 and can cause unsafe traffic conditions for each person using the roadways.

The days have become short and cooler temperatures are here.  Please remember to bleed your water lines, at all times, to prevent them from freezing.  The Town of Pinedale recommends having a dedicated bleeder line to prevent any plumbing fixtures, used for bleeding purposes, to unintentionally be turned off.  If you are unsure of the appropriate amount to bleed, please contact a professional plumber or contractor.  Being proactive with bleeding could save you lots of money.

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