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Press Release

Updated: 3 days ago

Pinedale, WY – Recent reports and social media posts regarding citations issued by the Town of Pinedale Municipal Code Enforcement Officer have not fully detailed the complete interactions leading to enforcement actions. A minor was never cited.

The Municipal Officer, acting under official capacity and with supervisory support, initially approached Erica McCarroll. She received a verbal request to relocate her stand outside of the WYDOT right-of-way, off of the sidewalk, and closer to her parents’ private property or to a town-owned vacant lot at 210 West Pine Street. This request was made to ensure compliance with Wyoming Department of Transportation regulations concerning commerce on highway rights of way.

Despite this request, the stand remained in the right-of-way for three days, prompting the issuance of three citations. Ms. McCarroll disputed these citations at a Town Council meeting. The case had already been submitted to the Municipal Court, and the Council, in respect to standard judicial practice, refrained from making any determination.

On March 26, 2024, in Municipal Court, the attorney for the Town of Pinedale dismissed two of the three citations (MC04256 & MC04257). The remaining citation (MC04255) was paid in full by Ms. McCarroll’s attorney on April 17, 2024. The stand was relocated to private property, where it continued to operate without impeding public access or safety.

The Town of Pinedale remains committed to ensuring the welfare of the public while supporting local commerce within the framework of state and local laws. We appreciate the community's understanding and cooperation.



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