• Town Of Pinedale

Winter Meter Information

If your meter will not be used because you are out of town, or are no longer irrigating, it should be removed. Unprotected meters can and do freeze.  If you think you would benefit from being safe and removing the unutilized meter, we recommend calling a professional plumber or contractor to safely remove it and drain it. Then, just reinstall your safely stored meter when you return.

Remember, never touch the AMR or the wires. The AMR is a small box that is used to transmit a signal to the town. The AMR should always remain in place. If for any reason, it or the wires are removed or damaged the town receives an error message. Repairs can be costly, so we recommend you or your tenant take care not to damage the system.

I know we have talked about freezing temperatures and bleeding lines before. But we want to remind you again. Don’t forget to you need to leave the bleeder line running at all times when temperatures are freezing or below—just a pencil lead sized stream of water flowing will help prevent pipe freezes.  Also, remember to keep your water meter warm. If the meter freezes water may leak out causing additional damage, and it will be costly to replace.

The Town Staff wants to wish everyone a happy holidays and a wonderful Christmas here in Pinedale.