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From the Mayor about COVID-19

Amid the current COVID-19 crisis that we are all facing together, I wanted to take a moment and assure our residents that we are closely monitoring and preparing for a possible outbreak in our community. Local, county, health and law enforcement officials contribute to and receive a daily situation report coordinating action and response at all levels. In order to maintain clear lines of organization, Emergency Management is in place and all the towns and the County support them – any questions regarding COVID-19 should be directed the Wyoming state hotline 211 while each government entity will maintain its own operations and can answer any questions regarding those.

Additionally, Town water/wastewater operators are following Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidance and taking steps to ensure the health and safety of the public and our operators. The Town’s disinfection processes are designed to safeguard your drinking water against bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. The Town of Pinedale will continue all its basic services to its residents.

Three final words: One, please be sure to fact-check any “news” you may hear before you pass it along. Rumors and fake news spur fear and create bad responses to situations, we can stop this misinformation-pandemic as well. Two, in this time of social distancing in order to defang this virus, let us not forget our neighbors whose isolation could have other major effects. Please take time to check in with them even by phone, emotionally sustaining them so that their physical isolation is not compounded by loneliness and fear. Three, a shout out to our local businesses who are doing their best to provide our community the essential resources. One businessman recently rented a U-Haul to go out-of-state to bring in more essential supplies – thank you!

This is not the first threat to our community, and as a community we will face this one together as well.

God bless,

Matt Murdock, Mayor

Town of Pinedale



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