• Town Of Pinedale

Spring Bleeding Lines

3/14/2019 – The Town of Pinedale would like to remind our residents, especially those leaving for Spring Break, to keep bleeding their lines. As Spring begins to approach, warmer air temperatures do not necessarily mean that the ground is beginning to thaw. Even though top layers of the soil will begin to thaw, the deeper layers underneath will remain cold and frozen.  The thawed top soil layers combined with warmer air temperatures, causes the frozen ground to permeate more profoundly, which acts as an insulator and prevents the frozen ground to thaw. This also adds to the risk of freezing pipes during these next few months. 

The Town of Pinedale recommends that there be a dedicated bleeder line in the home to prevent any plumbing fixtures, used for bleeding purposes, to unintentionally be turned off.  If your plumbing does freeze, please contact a plumber, immediately. Thawing of lines is not a service that the Town of Pinedale offers. However, we will need to be contacted in order to temporarily turn off the water until the repairs are made.  

Once again, continue bleeding your lines.  If you have any concerns about water billing and bleeding, we would love to chat with you.  Please come to Town Hall, which is located at 69 Pinedale South Road, or call (307) 367-4136.