• Town Of Pinedale

Snow Removal

November 30, 2017

Snowplowing priority list:

1. Pine St., Fremont Lake Rd. to the medical clinic, clear intersections in berm on Pine St. 2. Hennick, Tyler Ave., Fremont, Bridger, Lincoln, Madison, Jackson, Entertainment, Country Club, and Bloomfield Ave. 3. All four quadrants north east, south east, north west, south west 4. Plow sidewalks next to Town properties, old town hall, town parks and pathways, all town facilities 5. Alleyways and Town parking areas 6. Scrape ice and remove berm from Pine St. when it reaches 2-1/2 feet 7. Clean out snow around fire hydrants 8. Remove snow piles that are obstructing visibility and snow storage 9. Smooth rough roadways with the grader as necessary 10. Scrape slush as necessary

General Notes: The Town will plow Pine Street when snow reaches 1 inch deep. The Town will plow all streets when snow reaches 2-3 inches deep. We will plow at least the first roundabout on Bloomfield to allow traffic to be able to turn around. If access is available from an adjacent side street, the snow berm on Pine Street will not be cleared to provide an additional ingress and egress to the business property and alleys. All overtime must be approved by the Mayor. Removed snow will be transported to an approved disposal area.

Disposal area list: Old town shop lot, old town Hall, right-of-way on Mill St, right of way on South Bridger, parking lot on North Maybell, parking lot on North Madison, South Jackson Park.