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Request for Quotes - Fremont Lake Watershed Fencing Re-bid & Addendum No. 1


After a site visit with a potential bidder, an alternative fence route was identified, potentially simplifying new fence installation. Either the alternate route or the original route are allowed.

See Addendum No. 1 here:

The Town of Pinedale is requesting quotes to contract with a qualified company to conduct the 2021 Fremont Lake Watershed Fencing Project. The Fremont Lake Watershed Sylvan Bay fencing project generally consists of construction of 1,500 linear feet of standard 4-wire wildlife friendly fencing in the Fremont Lake watershed in Sublette County, Wyoming.

Contractors are advised as to the remoteness of the site and difficult access. It is the responsibility of the contractor to abide by all USFS requirements for access and minimize disturbances to the area.

View the complete quote request here:

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