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Apr 17

Lead Result Question from PR

Posted to Lead Information by Parris Crooks

Below is a question from Pinedale Roundup and the Town's response.

Just a quick clarification on the recent lead-testing results.  I know the statement says 143 signed up, which was reiterated last night. However, I have a quote from the Feb. 27 council meeting in which you say that "about 250 (people) signed up for that."  I've also received other reports that put the number at over 200 as well.  So, I 'm wondering if the recent results are a partial list and we're waiting on more, or if that's the extent of the town's testing.  It seems a difference of 100 or so is not insignificant.

We had approximately 225 sign-ups for the free lead tests.  We have tested and received results for 143 properties.  Another 20 or so properties are seasonal residences and will be tested in the early summer.  That leaves approximately 60 properties that signed up for the lead test but never scheduled one.  We made multiple efforts to contact these property owners via email and phone calls.  The majority of the properties that did not schedule a test were rental properties. The rental manager signed up for the tests but left it up to the renters to schedule the test.
Spencer Hartman
Town of Pinedale
Apr 28

Traffic Safety

Posted to Town of Pinedale by Parris Crooks

Despite our wonderful spring snow showers, days are getting warmer. This means increased traffic both vehicular, and pedestrian. The Town of Pinedale encourages all drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians to be aware of your surroundings. Make sure you obey traffic laws and take care about the other persons in town.
Bicyclists who are using crosswalks should be stepping off their bikes and crossing as a pedestrian. If you do not step off, you are considered a vehicle and all traffic rules pertaining to vehicles apply to you as well. Crossing roadways as a vehicle come with a higher risk. Regardless of how you choose to ride, please be safe, wear your helmet and take care.
Pedestrians are safer when walking against traffic, using crosswalks, which are corner to corner despite the lines being faded. In addition, please be sure to check for traffic, specifically turning vehicles, when crossing the streets. Safety for the citizens of Pinedale is always a top priority.

If you have any safety concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Town Hall at 307-367-4136.