Engineering and Zoning

The department welcomes all visitors to discuss infrastructure, building codes, public works matters, and general knowledge about the town's water, sewer, and roads. Due to the department's scheduling and attending to other town matters during the work week, please make an appointment in advance.

Department Overview
Recently, the Town combined the departments of Planning & Zoning with the Engineering Department.  The move was made to make operations more efficient.
Engineering became a department when recent demands created a need for infrastructure development and upgrades. The full time engineer coordinates and administrates these developments and upgrades, as well as providing technical advice and assistance in future projects of water, sewer, and roads. Furthermore, the increased cost of energy and limited resources have increased the challenges and the Engineer works to address those challenges.

The planning part of the department's work is now oriented toward making necessary improvements to the ordinances, as directed by the Town Council.  In addition, the department tries to help citizens meet the demands of the codes we have in place.  Finally, the department works with the Planning & Zoning Commission and serves as their liaison.

The Engineering Department's responsibilities include:
  • Overseeing all municipal construction work and improvements such as water, sewer, and road work, as well as all town-owned buildings. It oversees multiple consultants who are engaged in public works improvement of water, sewer, road, and town buildings. The Engineering Department ensures that all town specifications are followed and monitors all construction and financial aspects in the performance of town improvements.
  • Coordinating and initiating all town studies to obtain objective comprehensive information about the town's facilities and infrastructure. The department is responsible for making long range plans for further infrastructure development.
  • Maintaining a close interface with the town's Department of Public Works to ensure proper facility maintenance and preservation of all town-owned facilities.
  • Acquiring grant funding at the state and federal level to fund infrastructure improvements. 
  • Conducting commercial and multifamily building inspection for the town to insure public safety, and provide coordination of inspections with the State Fire Marshal.
  • Providing all infrastructure mapping and updates to the town infrastructure mapping.